Rare American Coins and the True Rarity of U.S. Silver Dollars

Generic silver dollars in grades MS-60 and above seem common because there are over 6,859,000 NGC and PCGS graded MS-60+ Trade, Morgan, and Peace silver dollars. At first glance, Morgan & Peace dollars seem anything but rare.

Rare American Coins and Lower Grade MS Morgan Dollars:
Most silver dollars investors are looking for MS-64 and above for their acquisition. However, the vast majority of US silver dollars fall into the MS-60 to MS-63 grade range.

Reasons to Invest in American Eagle Gold Coins:
Most people have a challenge in choosing whether to invest in gold coins or gold bars. The American eagle gold coins have been in the gold market since 1986. They offer a lot of benefits to the investors which should not be trivialized. As the precious metals business gains popularity, investors have to make the right choice. Read the benefits in this article!

When And Where To Sell Gold:
To ensure that you get more money for your gold than what you used to buy it, you should take note of the fluctuations in currency value. This is a very important consideration, because a particular amount today might not have the same value as a similar amount 1, 2 or 3 years ago. For instance, $100 might have bought a whole television in the past, but the same $100 might be barely enough to buy a book right now.

How Gold Buyers Make Huge Profits:
National Mining Association records indicate that gold was worth $309.73 in 2002, which gradually increased, year by year to a high of $1,335 per ounce in March 2014, based on data from the Australian Mines Atlas. This means that you would have a 300% profit on the original price. So, if you had invested $20,000 in gold back then, you would now be staring at a profit of approximately $64,000.

Investing in Gold Coins Today:
The need of the hour is for smart investments and when it comes to choosing the right vehicle, investing in gold will always top the list. One of the common choices is to own it in coin form. This is ideal for small investors and they can start out with buying smaller coins like the 1/10 oz American Eagle. Its small size is what lends it liquidity and even a modest investor can put some away without stressing his finances too much.

The Atrocity of Cleaned Rare American Coins:
A mint state/uncirculated coin will NEVER need cleaning. Don't even consider cleaning it for any reason. Circulated coins don't have the value of their uncirculated counterparts and can sometimes be improved with a light touch up.

How To Appraise Gold And Silver In A Changing Market:
Knowing how to appraise, or get the value, of your gold and silver is vital if you are to get a good deal. The simplest way in which you can appraise the value of a gold or silver item is by considering its bullion value. This is the value of the raw if it were to be melted and recycled, based on its weight and purity.
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