Why Are True Slider, Rare American Coins Considered Circulated?

It intrigues me that original type "slider" silver dollars are considered by professional graders and most coin collectors to be circulated coins. It seems to me that the term slider has taken on a broader meaning than first intended.

Buying Silver Bars: How To Tell If Silver Bars Are Fake:
It's common for some dealers to try and sell fake silver bars. In most cases, the dealers take a lead bar and coat it with silver such that it's impossible for an average purchaser to know the difference between fake and real bars. To avoid wasting your money on fake bars, here are some of the ways in which you can identify the fake silver bars:

Creating Wealth: Create One Own Gold Standard 101:
Despite the roller coaster ups and downs of various economic indicators, one thing remains constant for approximately the last 3,000 years: the value of gold. No one disputes its value; however, there is a perpetual debate as to what is the better way to buy, invest or hold this precious yellow metal. Here, we will cover one common sense approach that may help not only the experienced investor in gold but the first time investor as well.

Opportunity Arises Out of Crisis: Buy Gold by the Gram:
According to global economic experts, the Dollar is on the verge of collapse. This could create a unique business opportunity. You can become a Gold distributor with a legit, debt-free reputable company. Low start up cost, a wealth of coaching, a product that needed by everyone with a savings account, and a stellar automated marketing system make this program a winner!

Collecting Silver for Your Children's Future:
During the recession of 2008, many people who had precious metals investments made a huge return while people in typical asset classes saw their investments cut in half. Below are several reasons why you should consider investing in silver.

Investment Tips For Gold Buyers:
Given that silver and gold prices have been rising at rates that are simply amazing, more and more people are viewing silver, gold and even platinum coins as worthy investments. Today there are lots of reputable and honest dealers who can assist you buy these instruments of wise investment at good market prices. Regrettably, there also exist several who are out to rip off any uninformed seller of their valuable coins.

The Price of Gold and the Gold Standard:
Many will consider investing in gold, but may shy away, due to a misunderstanding of its value. If you are thinking about buying gold shares, you should start by researching prices and by gaining an understanding of the gold standard. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of gold backed monetary systems, and how this metal affects the economy.

What Gold Buyers Need To Do Before Investing:
Unless you're buying gold merely as a hobby, it's critically important that you perform a thorough evaluation before making any investment decision. MoneySmart, an initiative by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission, provides a very useful step-by-step guide that can help you make the best decision.
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