Reasons To Buy Your Child A Marble Roller

Marble rollers are a toy from "yesterday" but that doesn't mean that kids don't love them today! Quality marble rollers are a great way for kids to practice motor skills and enjoy playing with toys that don't require batteries.

Lessons From a Child's First Birthday:
He doesn't know a party is brewing until it happens around him. He is suddenly surrounded by adults and other children. He tries to follow his somewhat older girl cousin as she careens around the house. He can't walk yet be he can stand and then drop to his knees scampering after her the best he can. He sits playing next to another one year old visiting from Abu Dhabi with no idea where he came from or how he got there.

How to Teach Children Toy-Making:
When children are learning to sew, making their own playmate will be an interesting project for them. Discover how easy it is to do.

Best Balance Bike - The Ultimate Guide:
On the surface, choosing a balance bike might seem like a simple task. They are bikes with two wheels and no pedals, chains or sprockets. The bikes are mainly designed to put emphasis on balance and make the transition to pedaled bike riding an easy one. While they are simple in design, they are certainly not one-size-fits all.

Teaching Children to Knit:
Learn how to knit and pass the skill on to your children and you will find out what a good bonding activity it can be. Knitting can be useful, money-saving, soothing, meditative and even quite addictive.

Should You Dress for Yourself or for Your Boyfriend?:
When teenage girls are trying to decide what to wear, the common question of, 'Will boys like my fashion?', always shows up. Wouldn't it be great if they knew what boys were thinking about a girls fashion? Well we asked the boyfriends of our customers some key questions and the answers could help out many with their fashion decisions.

The Story of a Children's Book:
When the author flew to Ghana in February 1971, to take up a teaching post at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, his three sons were 9 years, 6 years and 3 months old. As the years passed, one by one the boys left to attend boarding school in England and the father took to writing each a letter every Sunday morning. As often as possible, he tried to send a story with the letter and these proved popular not only with his sons but with their school mates. When the stories were sent recorded on tape, the tapes were misappropriated. Other parents urged the publication of the stories but the effort was postponed because suitable illustrations were not available. Now that grandchildren have read the stories, they are to be published in the hope that their children and many others will also enjoy them.

Learning Emotions to Emotionally Learn:
How can we help our children and students to learn, remember and internalize new knowledge? The key is connecting what they learn to their emotions. It is well known that we need to develop children's emotional intelligence. That will free them to learn. But there is another side to this equation. Learning emotions is not enough. They also need to emotionally learn. That will help them not only to excel in tests but also to be confident in expressing ideas and thoughts, and relating their experiences. That is the key to being exceptional students and creative professional workers in the future.
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