Who Is the Funniest Children's Poet?

Who is the funniest children's poet? Do you have any books of Shel Silverstein on your bookshelf? What does it take to write funny poetry? This article tells all, well almost all.

The Slayers Of Depression:
I guess I miss her face most of all... she had a face which looked best without clothes. Seems her boss felt the same too. She left me for him 9 months ago, and I have been depressed ever since.

How Improvisation Is Used Well in Comedy:
Whether you are a working on becoming a standup comedian or a humorous keynote speaker, the ability to improvise can often save your bacon. Luckily for you, improv can be learned and honed. These three techniques will show you how to get started.

6 Ways to Make a Video Go Viral:
Everyone has seen the almost overnight success of a viral video, but are they really overnight successes? What really happens to videos to make them go viral in a short amount of time? If you want your videos to be successful and even go viral, you need to know that most viral videos do not find success as soon as they are put online. There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of your video to go viral.

10 Funny Quotations to Brighten Your Day and Enlighten Your Life:
I believe that quotations, when they strike a chord with the reader, can affirm or challenge their position or beliefs and result in further reflection. When they evoke the response, "Isn't that the truth?" or, "I never thought of that before!" or," That was funny." they have great value.

6 Ways to Be Funnier:
Being the life of the party isn't always the easiest job, and you constantly have to be on your game to entertain everyone. If you don't want to be the life of the party but you just want to be a little funnier, it can be a problem if you aren't sure where to begin.

Writing Stand Up Comedy - You As Yourself and Other Character:
Writing stand up comedy effectively often incorporates characters. Writing stand up comedy that portrays both you and other character you are arguing with is an engaging and funny technique. You are definitely going to want to practice moving back and forth before you begin the argument.
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