Thing Thong the Itch Is Dead

Sometimes an Angel appears in the strangest places to help you in times of trouble. And sometimes she takes you shopping for sexy underwear.

Lester's Big Decision:
Lester Goodbinder's life as an accountant revolved around bowling, collecting bugs, and listening to Buddy Holly. Until a joint called "Rippeto's Rendezvous" called his name, and an extremely attractive woman sitting alone at the bar enticed him into making The Decision that would change his life.

R K Laxman: A Great Indian Cartoonist:
R K Laxman is a great cartoonist of India. He is also the best known practitioner of the art of cartooning in the country.

The 9 to 5 Hunger Games:
This is a short, humorous story I wrote about eating in public. It's something we can all relate to.

The Curious Case of 'Motivation':
In this age of cutthroat competitions, the word Motivation has become the most adored word of our 'highly motivated' and 'motivation oriented' bosses. Figuratively, they eat motivation everyday in their breakfasts, and sleep pulling the blanket of motivation. And spend whole day in motivation.

How Not to Be a Meetings Secretary in 7 Easy Lessons:
A brief but important look at the worst things you can ever do as a Meetings Secretary. In fact, be the worst Meetings Secretary ever and be proud!

5 Weird Things Which Where Ceased in Airports:
Weird things at airports are frequently considered quite important, as it is recognized to be a breach of security. Here are some of the weird things...
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