Remember People's Names!

What do you think you could gain from better remembering people's names? Could it possibly make you a better president? Read this article to find out more.

Is Vaccination A Good Idea?:
Every parent in the world wants to do the best for their children; their prime focus is to keep their children safe from any kind of harm. But it's sad that many parents are not aware of the fact that the best way of protecting their kids is by getting them vaccinated.

How To Use Holidays To Teach Kids A Love of Diversity:
How to use a holiday celebration and teach kids a love of diversity. How to make a child more tolerant of different cultures by using any holiday celebration. How to theme a holiday celebration and get a child interested in other cultures.

Transforming Chaos and Pain to Humor:
In life there will times when great tragedy confronts us. Learning to see the lessons hidden in the challenge over time helps to transform the difficult situation into perhaps eventual humor.

Impressive Commercial Prospect of Organic Baby Gift Sets Redefining Eco-Friendliness:
An impressive category of trendy gift sets for kids made from certified organic cotton has been launched into the retail market. Commercial prospect of these items is impressive.

No Gifts Please:
So what should you do when receiving a kid's birthday invitation with "No Gifts Please"? The first couple of times I saw this I went ahead and took a gift anyway because it felt odd to arrive empty handed. I took it upon myself to make the decision but the truth is that even though I went for the "something useful" rather than a flashy toy, I didn't respect the request being made (I'm sorry!). But now that I have been around the birthday scene a bit longer and have had the chance to see this decision made by close friends I understand it.

Most People Don't Know This About the Slenderman Story:
The slenderman is a fictional character that was created by a Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen in the year 2009. The character originated as an internet meme.

Stick Horses, A Child's Favorite:
All children have great imaginations. Too many times, they're not using it being glued to electronics and tv. A stick horse will bring that creativity to a child that will turn the child in to a cowboy or cowgirl!
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