Is Bullying Worse Now Than When We Were Kids?

Learn the many reasons why bullying is so prevalent now. And learn what we can do about it.
Reasons to Get Involved in Your Child's School PTO:
A PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is most often an independent group that creates fundraising activities to benefit the students. Usually consisting of parents and teachers who volunteer to form a board with appointed positions. They work together to better the school, the community, and the collective academic goal for its students.

Self Esteem and Bullying:
Bullying has become such a big issue over the last few years, but it has been a psychologically damaging issue that has been around for many, many decades. Your parents were probably bullied or knew someone who was. Their parents were bullied or knew someone who was, and their parents were bullied or knew someone who was.

Youth Treatment Programs for Pervasive Developmental Disorders:
Youth treatment programs are showing great promise for helping children and teens who suffer from pervasive developmental disorders or PDD. PDD can affect children in a variety of ways, but symptoms generally involve problems with socializing and communication. The most effective course of treatment involves a combination of behavioral and experiential therapies.

Kids' Fitness: Get Active Every Day:
All healthy tips for kids will tell you that physical activity in children should be encouraged, and why not? It helps children develop a stronger physique, stronger bones and keeps obesity at bay.

3 Things to Remember When Attending a Comic Con:
It could easily be described as Nerd Mecca. Booths lined with fandom merchandise, celebrities waiting to sign autographs or take photos, and crowds of costumed fans eager to show their love for their favorite films, books and characters. Whether it's a local affair or San Diego's annual extravaganza, visiting a Comic Con is truly a fun and rewarding experience.

5 Benefits of Part-Time Work for Students:
What does the word experience mean to you? What about opportunity? If these words hold any value to you, you should consider part-time employment. It's your free ticket out of a limited school education, your opportunity to expand your skills in the workplace, and your chance to earn a stable salary! Don't see minimum wage as a disincentive and look past the paycheck; here are five major reasons you should join the workforce.

Controversial Common Core: Costs, Implementation, Assessments, and Opt-Outs:
Since the heady reform days of 2010 and 2011 when 46 states and the District of Columbia adopted the Common Core Standards, the landscape has changed considerably. In fact, at least twelve states have already withdrawn and problems mount with implementation and assessments along with the growing opt-out movement.
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