The Risks of Being a Loner in School

This article talks about the perils of a child being a loner at school. It also touches upon the reasons for it happening.

The Jade Stone:
Maylin felt she had to prove herself being the only girl in her class. She stayed in the courtyard relentlessly practicing until her Sifu forced her to stop and go to sleep.

The Most Effective Way Of Teaching Our Kids To Spend And To Save Money:
Many parents choose to give children a small amount of money for completing certain chores. By doing this, children are taught how to spend and to save money at a relatively early age.

Four Strategies That Can Help Your Impulsive Child Immediately:
Did you ever have an experience where you were trying to count something and someone shouted other numbers at you to try to throw you off track? The highly distracted child has a similar experience all of the time. Any distraction can seem like someone is shouting random numbers. These children have trouble reading unless the room is quiet. Their attention spans are shorter.

Early Childhood Reading Leads to Success Later in Life, But Problems for Ones Who Fall Behind:
Reading makes your child smarter. If you do not teach your child to read now, you will miss a golden opportunity to help brighten a future.

Would Your Child Walk Off With This Stranger?:
Avid YouTuber Joey Salads brings an interesting social experiment to the fore with his online video. In it he reveals just how easy it can be to win a child's trust and interest - all you need is an affable personality and an extremely cute dog to go with it! Joey exposes how, inspite of all the talks, warnings and threats, children can be easily abducted resulting in the staggering statistics that haunt us; in the U.S. alone over 700 kids are abducted every single day.

Pretentious People - Why Do We Smile at Them?:
Being pretentious can be due to seeking social acceptance, status or admiration. But it hinders authentic spiritual living.

How To Keep Your Child's Room Organized:
Every mother wants the best for her child. Besides ensuring that the child has all basic needs, a mother will also want her child to be comfortable and happy in his environment. One of the things you can do to make your child's life better is to get his room organized. Kids can be messy, but you can teach them a few lessons on being organized by setting their rooms right and letting them handle a few chores to get it done the right way.
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