Review of Simon Clarkson's Book - DayDreaming

I recently discovered that there are several positive thinking books available on the market, I have discovered one that interested me, Simon Clarkson has published 'DayDreaming'. This is a book aimed at the individual who is looking for success through a positive mental attitude and wants to take control of their lives.

Defining Moments, By: Dr. Dorothea McArthur - Book Review:
Author, Dorothea S. McArthur, PhD, has 34 years of training and practice as a clinical psychologist. She has also trained other graduate students to become psychologists.

Body Language In Photography:
A solid understanding of the meaning of body languages can enhance or diminish the effects of the pose and the personality conveyed a photograph. It can create the "feel factor" of the picture. As each photograph is a unique expression of the subject, the photographer should be able to capture that uniqueness.

Dr James Braid - Father of Hypnotherapy?:
Many of today's hypnotherapists may be shocked by the modernity of Dr Braid's concepts of hypnotherapy. Born in Scotland in 1795, he died in 1860 leaving behind a body of work that laid the foundation for the scientific understanding of hypnotherapy. This meticulous compilation of Dr James Braid's prolific writings allows us to not only admire the brilliant surgeon's theories but to be amazed at his anticipation of what we hitherto considered to be modern innovations such as cognitive behavioural therapy and the non-existence of the subconscious.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell - The Power of Thinking Without Thinking:
You could probably sum this book up in one sentence: Have faith in your intuition, but do not be misled by irrelevant information. The tricky part is in not being misled, and that is what a lot of this book is about. The first story starts with a marble sculpture, supposedly 2,500 years old, if genuine it would be worth about ten millions dollars.

Book Review - "Optimizing the Infinite Mind" by Prof Erantha De Mel:
This book explains very lucidly how patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behavior are created and how we develop habits and mental programs over a period of time. The techniques described in this book help one to disentangle and re-define life-situations; and to clarify feelings and thoughts to his/her own advantage. It provides new resources to move forward proactively and positively. Through this latest book, Prof. Erantha De Mel shows how to practice positive emotional states on a daily basis in a realistic and a practical way.

Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.:
In his book, Dr. Amen explains how science can empirically detect and measure activities in the mind-brain connection and how this data can be used to improve mental health. I explain in the article how his book helps me to gain a more spiritual, rational, and physical perspective in counseling others that is holistic, treating the whole person.

Two Old Women:
The Chief's announcement that the old women be left behind to fend for themselves, sends the wrong message to his people. It signifies what happens to those who adopt the habits of old women, i.e. carrying walking sticks, complaining of aches and pains, etc. The chief confers with himself and delivers a morally incorrect choice.

AUTISM ALL-STARS: How We Use Our Autism and Asperger Traits to Shine in Life:
If you are a "normal" person, you might see little point to reading a book about Asperger Syndrome. Yet if you do read it, you will be surprised at how the people in this book gradually overcame their limitations to become experts in their own field. More importantly you will widen your understanding of other people who appear different. We are all different, unique, so let us try to enlarge our inclusiveness, rather than dismiss these people as "weird".
Review of Simon Clarkson's Book - DayDreaming Review of Simon Clarkson's Book - DayDreaming Reviewed by ESATRA on 9:43:00 PM Rating: 5
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