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Evolutionary psychology suggests that our brains aren't really fit for the age in which we now live. That's why fear mongers can so easily control the way we think.

Living in the 'Here and Now': The Secret of Contentment and Calm:
There is one clear way in which the philosophies of the East and West differ. In the West we believe that we should be constantly struggling to improve our lot.

Ernest Becker - Biography of the Father of the Science of Evil:
Ernest Becker was a cultural anthropologist born on September 27, 1924 and died in March 6, 1974. He wrote several books studying human nature, specifically trying to understand why man acts the way he does.

Preparing To Leave An Abusive Relationship:
If you have been in an abusive relationship that appears to be getting worse, then it is better to make a plan for how to get out safely while you can think straight. Research shows that one of the times that victims of domestic abuse are most at risk is when they are leaving or have just left, so, it is important to create a safety plan in advance.

Review of Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins:
This is an older book. I think it was written sometime in the mid 1980s. Still, Unlimited Power remains extremely relevant today and happens to be one of the most effective books I've ever read in my life.

What Every Body Is Saying:
Body language is a key component of mentalism. Read this short review of one of the top body language books to gain a deeper insight on the subject.

Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life, By: Mitchell Earl Gibson, MD:
"The Nine Insights For a Happy and Successful Life" emerged from my own life long desire to help thousands of people find happiness. Happiness is a gift that we bestow upon ourselves each time that we embrace the joy that breathes within. This book outlines two main themes that will guide you on the road to happiness. The themes are both personal and universal in scope.

Evocative Or Manipulative? - The Trance of Modern Hypnotherapy:
This slim volume is a clear-cut guide to the hypnotically permissive manner of encouraging clients to uncover their own solutions. O'Hanlon distinguishes this solution-oriented hypnotherapy from what he calls the traditional approach with its emphasis on treating the "causes" of problems and the outside-in focus of the hypnotherapist telling the client what to do to overcome her pathology.

Why Attaining Happiness is So Elusive, Part 4:
This is the fourth part of a five-part series exploring the ideas and suggestions for being happy in The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt, positive psychologist. I look at the Adversity hypothesis and the Virtue hypothesis. The first holds that in order to grow you need to overcome setbacks in your life. The second contends that you need to practice virtue to be happy. Both notions give my life a greater sense of purpose and meaning.
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