The Atrocity of Cleaned Rare American Coins

A mint state/uncirculated coin will NEVER need cleaning. Don't even consider cleaning it for any reason. Circulated coins don't have the value of their uncirculated counterparts and can sometimes be improved with a light touch up.

Collecting Silver for Your Children's Future:
During the recession of 2008, many people who had precious metals investments made a huge return while people in typical asset classes saw their investments cut in half. Below are several reasons why you should consider investing in silver.

Understanding the Process of Silver Extrusion:
We all love silver in so many forms, don't we? From crockery to jewellery, silver is an integral part of our routine. But, do you know that this silver is extracted with great difficulty before being made available to all of you.

How Vaulted Gold Can Help You Vault Over Shake-Ups in Financial Markets:
Gold investments can be in various forms and with the economic landscape that currently exists around us; one of the safest instruments of investment is vaulted gold. This is essentially gold bullion that is professionally stored for you in different high-security vaults. When you invest in gold, you are choosing one of the safest and most lucrative methods of investment.

What Lends Gold Investments Its Sheen?:
Today the most adventurous investors are donning a cloak of prudency and are being very careful with their investments. That is what economic depression does to the psyche. It takes the edge off any kind of risk-taking behaviour, when it comes to sinking funds. The volatility of the stock market is what makes investors think twice before investing in stocks and bonds and most other forms of traditional investing are also on shaky ground in times of an economic downturn.

Why Gold May Be Down, But Not Out:
In this article, I discuss the main driver of the gold price, movement away from the U.S. dollar as it loses its reserve currency status and why gold is down, but not out.

How Government Propaganda Prevents Wealth Protection:
In this article, I discuss how investors need to move beyond "positive thinking" and employ something motivational speaker Robert J. Ringer once referred to as "expanded thinking." The simple act of owning gold makes the work of awakening much easier, because it tends to expand our economic vision involuntarily.

Investing in Gold for Massive Profits:
A very low world percentage population is rich enough not to worry of their financial status or what their money does. The rest of us have the option to invest with what we have. Gold investment has taken a new turn and garnered lots of investors. How do you venture in this field and get maximum returns? Read on to know more!
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