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Adam Smith was a strong proponent of the division of labor, which he saw as an essential contributor to the 'wealth of nations.' In the first paragraph of the text, he encouraged specialization amongst the workforce along the lines of each workers' particular talents - i.e., the tailor makes clothes, shoemakers make shoes, farmer harvests crops. Out of self-interest, each of these workers is employed in their particular trade. However, this activity yields another important characteristic of the 'economic man' for Smith, a propensity to exchange. Through the division of labor and specialization, labor productivity increases momentously.

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What Are the Real Costs of Manipulated Free Markets on Capitalism? A Book Review:
This current Global Economic calamity could have been prevented, well this is what many believe and among them is a writer of the most recent economic book to hit the scene in 2009. The book is called "The Cost of Capitalism: Understanding Market Mayhem and Stabilizing Our Economic Future" by Robert J. Barbera; McGraw-Hill Business Book Publishers (2009).

Truth About Global Economic Crisis: Book Review:
Imagine if the causes of the current global economic disaster revealed things that are even worse than the crisis itself. Read this book if you can stand to learn painful truth about the incredible level of corruption and greed that has sacrificed ordinary people so that the rich and powerful benefit.

Money Changes Everything - Twenty-Two Writers Tackle the Last Taboo:
This books let's us peek inside of the lives of some great writers on the subject of money. Whether you author books or just read them you likely have a relationship with money, good or bad, lots or a little. 22 stories of how others handle it, fear it, dream about it and spend it is surely to entertain and possibly enlighten.

China's Future in the World - Book Review:
Many of those who study world affairs, international politics, and perhaps, read Foreign Affairs magazine each month; they understand that the biggest new development and for the next two decades will be the rapid economic growth of China. The United States has been fueling the Chinese build-up as their GDP has hit the number three spot in the world and slightly slipped back to number four, although it will soon pass both Japan and Germany in GDP.

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Steve Roberts is a financial planner and football fan, so he decided to put the two together. Using football metaphors, he teaches readers everything they need to know about planning their finances for retirement. A fun win-win for readers and their wallets.

Adam Smith - Published Works by the Father of Modern Economics:
We all know that Adam Smith is know as the Father of Modern Economics because he was above all a system builder. He was a British political economist and philosopher.
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