Your Place in the New US And World Economy

The Old Economy is gone, and the New economy is here. The new economy is defined by double digit unemployment. This poses a problem for job seekers. It also provides an opportunity for those seeking to supplement their income with a part-time home-based business. Millions of Americans will also become fully self-employed and realize higher income potential and more freedom than is possible in a tight job market.

The New Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer:
The book lays a foundation covering our current health crises in America and explains the need for changing the paradigm of the sickness industry to a focus on wellness. Mr. Pilzer then explains several major business opportunities.

Book Review: Economics Made Easy by David S.H. Ng (ISBN: 983-834-095-2):
In Economics Made Easy, the author, David S. H. Ng discusses economic concepts step-by-step, keeping the technical jargon to a minimum. This book is presented in an easy to read format and it is not heavy for beginners. It covers the basic economics concepts in a simple and straight forward manner.

The Fight to Free the Charleston 5:
On the Global Waterfront: The Fight to Free the Charleston 5 by Suzan Erem and E. Paul Durrenberger. Monthly Review Press: 240 pages, 2008. It's a sobering and even embarrassing moment for the US labor movement which is now down to about 8% of the private sector workers. Those who romanticize organized labor based on college history classes or nostalgic folksong fests need to remember that solidarity always begins with a hope....not a certainty.

Can Capitalistic Countries Grow Their GDP Forever Without Repercussion?:
Many folks that question the ultimate end game for a capitalist nation, point to the fact that you cannot grow your GDP forever, and perhaps, you've sided with this argument on occasion. True free market thinkers will tell you that such a notion is nonsense, as an ever evolving business climate can change and find new avenues as innovation continues and that the potential for change and new offshoots is endless.

Gold Nuggets of Economic Wisdom:
Should America and the world go back to the gold standard? What are the many compelling reasons, the many gold nuggets of wisdom, in favor of this, and how will America and the world benefit by returning to the gold standard? Find out, by reading Edmund Contoski's brilliant & prophetic book today!

How Did the Global Financial Crisis and Bubble Happen?:
Former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan made a very interesting comment when he testified before congress after the Global Financial bubble burst of late 2008. When asked how did this happen, he made a number of astute observations and comments, of course the most telling and one that has been repeated the most was; "I couldn't believe that bankers would act this way against their own interests" or something to that point. Was it more irrational exuberance, only this time aimed at the banking sector?

"Conspiracy of the Rich" By Robert Kiyosaki - A Review:
Robert Kiyosaki launched his latest book as a viral event by having chapter by chapter released online and collecting comments from readers. The end result is a physical book "Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money".
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