The High Priestess of Personal Freedom Enjoys a 21st Century Rebirth in Popularity

The lessons and philosophy crafted by Ayn Rand have never gone away. Atlas Shrugged is the most popular book ever published, after the Holy Bible. Sales are again spiking for this, and all of Rand's books. Because of the awkward intrusiveness and overreaching hand of government, there seems to be a revival of interest in the ideas represented by John Galt and Howard Roark in "The Fountainhead"...

Meadowlark Economics: Sustainability, the Economy and the Environment:
Is it possible for the economy and the environment to survive and thrive in harmony? "Yes," says Professor James Eggert in his new book, "Greenspan's Anguish (Thoreau as Economic Prophet and Other Essays)."

Is Our Economy a Reality? A Book Review on a Surprising Book of Economic History:
If economic theory has always bothered you or if you are a free market thinker or even a socialist intellectual, then there is one book that you can read, no matter who you are that will definitely pique your curiosity. I recommend this currently popular economic book to all: "False Economy - A Surprising Economic History of the World" by Alan Beattie; Riverhead Books (a Penguin Publishing Group Company); New York, NY; (2009). ISBN 9781594488665.

The Paradox of a Predictable Failure in Risk Management:
The global economic crisis that appeared in 2008, outside the consideration for its tremendous effects on markets and people, has shed light on various issues. Most notably, the lack of transparency and honesty amongst actors of the finance sector played a critical role in the demise of well-known institutions such as Lehman Brothers and others that did not survive this financial quake. Despite what seems to be cyclical phenomena, the successive economic crises that have shaken the world over the last century have not served their true purpose: being a lesson for improvement of risk management tools as well as audit and control mechanisms. This paper highlights some of the reasons why recurring failures in risk management and transparency have led to the recent crisis and why it is very likely that the very same failures will eventually trigger another potential crisis of far greater extent. The appetite of the finance community and unscrupulous investors for fast returns is still prevailing today.The risks of permanently and irreversibly damaging the financial and economic balance of the world today are far from being properly managed and controlled.

How to Trade - Book Review - John Murphy, Intermarket Analysis:
In depth book review of Intermarket Analysis, authored by John Murphy. Focus on chapters 3, 7 and 11-14, which makes up about 46% of the book. These chapters are relevant for practical trading purposes. Key points for these focus chapters are summarized from a retail trader's perspective.

Book Review - Section 1 - Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins:
My article will by a review and my thoughts on Tony Robbins new book "Money Master the Game." I will continue to review each section of the book as I make my way through offering insights into home this translate into real life.

70 Million Baby Boomers, Eh? Sounds Like Opportunity to Me!:
Folks have been talking about the paradigm shift coming to the United States as the Baby Boomers grow older and retire. Social Security will soon collapse, it was scheduled for 2042, but it will occur a decade sooner. When social security was really working well, 17 people were working for every 1 person in retirement, good stuff, no problems. But in a less than a decade there will be one retired person and only 1.9 people for each still working. Obviously, that is not going to work out mathematically.

Investment Biker Book Review:
When I first picked up this book I said to myself, as many of you probably did, "Why is there a picture of a guy sitting on a motorcycle on the front cover of this book in the finance section of the bookstore?" I picked it up and read the title "Investment Biker Around the World with Jim Rogers" and I remember thinking, "Who is Jim Rogers?"
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