Problems of Post-War Capitalism in the United States

When the book Problems of Post-War Capitalism in the United States is talking about how important marketing is in American capitalism, I will agree with the fact that advertising is extremely important in stimulating the economy. I will also agree that because of the money we spend on advertising and products, it somewhat has an effect on the job market, but at one point in the article they said that more products will keep bringing more jobs.

On Wal-Mart - The Bully of Bentonville - How the High Cost of Everyday Low Prices Is Hurting America:
Author Anthony Bianco made an argument about the predicament that Wal-Mart is in.... Should we agree with his argument? Agree or not, Bianco's argument painted an interesting future of American society? Interestingly, 'interesting future' in Chinese figure of speech usually denotes "people living in hard times (e.g., the Great Depression or the Russian Revolution).

The Tearing Down of A Ponzi Scheme:
In Miles Away Worlds Apart, Alan Sakowitz does an excellent job in putting a face to the terrible and unbelievable financial exploits of Scott Rothstein, who was running a larger than life ponzi scheme in Florida. Mr. Sakowitz give a very detailed account of his role in bringing down a well respected man in the community.

A Mystery Well Worth Unraveling:
What is money? Since when have we been trusting what literally is only a printed piece of paper as something that has a specific value? What made banks come into existence?

Rich Dad Poor Dad - A Book Review:
Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known and best-selling author of many a books regarding personal finance. I happened to pick up a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad over the weekend thanks to its catchy tagline or maybe I though it could help my ever dwindling bank balance! This book has been on the New York Times best-selling list for many years and it has numerous other credits to its name.

World's Dependency on Oil:
In today's society the world has grown to be very dependent on the consumption of oil. Many countries have grown away from previous forms of energy and have made oil their primary source of energy. As the world continues to grow, the developing countries acquire a thirst for crude oil.

Public Values and Public Interest: Counterbalancing Economic Individualism:
Public Values and Public Interest: Counterbalancing Economic Individualism is a one of a kind academic masterpiece by Barry Bozeman that gives a deep and compelling understanding of what comprises public values, public interest, public goods, the public domain, and explains with thoughtful examples, on ways of managing the public interest with a term he coined "managing publicness". The argument that Bozeman assembles is that everyone's voice can and should be heard in determining the public interest. Rightfully so, he goes on to explain the term in detail. "An ideal public interest refers to those out-comes best serving the long-run survival and well-being of a social collective construed as a "public".

The Creature From Jekyll Island:
I'm reading a very interesting book called the "The Creature from Jekyll Island" subtitled "A second look at the Federal Reserve". About one hundred pages in the book is very easy to understand and interesting to read. It begins with a brief overview of the events of an initial meeting at Jekyll Island by a group of men who represented at least one fourth of the world's wealth including the Morgan monopoly and the Rothschild family.
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