Why Historians and Americans Are So Worried About Socialism - Read This Book!

There is a lot to be said about the economics of socialism, and how the ramp up of converting a capitalist society into a socialist one can bring good times temporarily, as a socialist leader can seize a nation by becoming a populist and wreak havoc on a nation. We've seen this in recent periods in Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Many in the United States warn we are indeed, headed in the wrong direction with our current leadership, in fact I am one of those who don't like the direction we are headed.

The Evonomist:
It is refreshing to see that someone is in recognition of the interrelatedness and intricacies inherent in most of the subject matters and natural and not so natural phenomena and come up with an explanation and a brief summary of two otherwise incongruent subject matters of evolution and economics in an interrelated and more of a cause and effect correlation. It was not a long time ago that chemistry and physics were found to be two faces of a coin at the advent of the discovery of atomic and subatomic particles and the formulation of the laws of modern physics.

We Miss the Eloquence and Logic of Milton Friedman Now More Than Ever:
One of the signal economic thinkers of the 20th century was the Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman. His many books and papers, interviews and television specials have left us a valuable trove of thoughts and observations that should serve as guideposts during our current difficult economic times. His death has left a void that no contemporary thinker has been able to fill. That is most unfortunate, especially now.

A Concise Economic History of Britain, From 1750 to Recent Times by W H B Court:
Summaries and analyses of economic history are always interesting when viewed from the position of hindsight. Court's analysis of British economic progress was written int he 1950s and attempts to summarise the principal aspects of political economy. What is striking is how little things change.

Review of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver - Michael Maloney:
The largest transfer of wealth in human history is beginning right now. Wealth is being transferred from those who are ignorant to those who are informed. You can still profit enormously from this transfer if you are willing to educate yourself and understand what is really going on with the world economy.

New Book Offers Wall Street an Ethical and Conscious New Life:
In "Transforming Wall Street," the Wall Street Coach, Kim Ann Curtin, explores what is right about Wall Street today and how we can create a "conscious capitalism" which makes capitalism work for us the way it should while allowing us to make positive changes in the world. Going back to the basics and analyzing authors like Adam Smith and Ayn Rand, she looks at what they really said, setting aside misconceptions. Then she interviews a series of Wall Street magnates who all strive to be honest and bring about positive social change. The result is an eye-opening look at what Wall Street both is and can be, and a call for all of us to work toward a capitalism than can benefit all.

Confessions of a Mortgage Insider:
Have you wondered why the mortgage and banking industry are in their current shape of disarray? Did you ever wonder how some people managed to get something for nothing and leave us the average tax payer footing the bill?

Economy Doesn't Lie:
The title of this article is not of my own, but the translation of a book title, invented and written by Guy Sorman. A great title. Perhaps for the title, it is one of those books I would like to read, the many on the to-do list... Guy Sorman writes about economic progress and stresses the importance of good decisions making in the field of economic politics. Or economic policies.
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