The Different Types Of Humor

They say that laughter is the best medicine and a pick up line that's overly inspired by humor may earn you a date provided the person to who it's directed has a sense of humor. Making people laugh is serious business and if you doubt it, you should ask any professional comedian. Humor has evolved over time and you can now get a daily dose of laughter through social media.

10 Problems Every Overweight Person Has Faced:
No offence but people who are obese do face some problems which are quite funny and they even know themselves. Instead of mourning over your weight why not make others smile.Here I am discussing 10 funny problems which only overweight people face in their daily lives.

How to Become Good at Improv Comedy:
Improv is an art form that many confuse with standup comedy. If you are new to improv, you may have some myths to bust. This article touches on the most important aspects of the improv form, and how to get to the funny faster without running over your scene partners.

Butterfly Mind and Nothing in Between:
Writing emotions in the moment can make you laugh, scream, or cry; or all of these things at once. Going with your minds' thoughts. No rhyme, No reason, just writing. RANDOM WRITING slows the brain down from the racing thoughts that constantly bombard us on a daily basis. Focusing becomes a challenge and a never ending battle of what should one do first. Prioritizing is like a precious gem when you find that you are actually following the priority you've set. Hearing your thoughts, acting on them or not only creates more mind clutter... babbling is a tale-tale sign of "Nothing in Between".

How a Stand-Up Comedy Show Can Guarantee You Laughter and a Stress Free Time:
Over the years, the pressure of work has increased a lot, and it's likely to elevate in the future. Today's fast paced life is often too much to take for most individuals which is why it is important to unwind now and then. After a hard day at work, the best way to relax and have some fun is to spend some quality time. Some people watch a movie, and some hang around in comedy clubs, which has gained much prominence recently.

When the Dinosaurs Decided to Call It a Day:
A fond memory of typewriters. They are now extinct, just like the dinosaurs. Is that good, bad or indifferent? Musing-not very seriously-about the up and downsides of technology.

Humor Makes Our Life Easy:
Humor makes our life simple and enjoyable. It fosters friendship and unites the people.
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