The Unbelievable Reason for Golf's Name

Golf, a widely loved and very famous game, has a very, very hard to believe reason for being named golf. In 1927, golf was invented, and was named 'golf', meaning:'gentlemen only ladies forbidden'. It's amazing how ironic this name is once you read about the Royal and Ancient golf club.

The 1960s - A Time Before Video Games and Cell Phones:
Many movies depict life in the 60s as turbulent, trend setting, and full of all kinds of excitement. The truth is, most people just went through life and did the best they could, just like today. In fact, many people did quite well in spite of the fact they had no cell phones or video games. This article will provide a quick glimpse into the 60s that most young people are not privy to today.

Bad Fairytales:
Growing up as a child in Wisconsin, one of the chef concerns of us children was being eaten. I think it was because of all the fairy tales we were told that involved children being the desired dinner of so many other fairy tale inhabitants. It only occurred to me many, many years later that this was not a very realistic precaution to teach your children.

The Distilled Wisdom of Beavis and Butt-Head:
Beavis and Butt-head exposed as advanced spiritual masters. The hidden wisdom behind their apparently degraded dialog.

How Jennifer Aniston Can Help Monitor Your Mental Health:
You know Rachel from Friends? Here's how she helped me get past my lowest ebb...

Today's Humor: Is It Me or Is It Just Not Funny?:
This article explores why comedies of today are not as funny as they used to be. Either it is the direction that writers and comedians are taking, or it is my perception of humor as I get older.

Meet Comedian - Kris Shaw:
Kris Shaw is a fan favorite who tours comedy clubs, colleges and events all across the United States and Canada. He has entertained troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Kris has also appeared in national television commercials and had a recurring extra role on the CBS drama "Close To Home".
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